• Liz Durkin

June 5, 2020 Lunar Eclipse Sound Bath Notes

Today we come together for a sound bath at the height of an especially intense full moon in Scorpio which is being partially eclipsed by the south node of the moon, the dragon’s tail called Ketu. Even though this eclipse is during the day and not visible in North America, it already has a profound affect on our collective consciousness and will continue to do so over the next month. During a lunar eclipse the Earth blocks some of the Sun’s light from reaching the moon, covering the lunar surface with a shadow, or penumbra. In astrology the moon represents our mind, our emotions, and collective consciousness and the penumbra is a psychological shadow cast over our thoughts, disturbing our peace of mind.

Astrological traditions view eclipses as triggers that release the karma of previous actions of an individual, a family, a society, or a nation. The obscuration of the luminaries brings out psychological disturbances, political unrest, shadow issues and fear. Historically eclipses have been described in the mythology and literature of different cultures as signs of the overthrow of the natural order of things. 2020 is an unusual year with 6 eclipses instead of the normal 4, including two additional lunar eclipses indicating a pivotal year of intense change, unrest and overthrow of order by the collective.

Todays full moon lunar eclipse occurs in sign of Scorpio at 21 degrees (sidereal) aligning with a galactic anomaly called the Great Attractor, discovered in 1986. This massive concentration of mass, gravity and energy is the biggest astronomical phenomenon known to science. It is believed to be the gravitational center of the Laniakea supercluster and its super gravity warps space and time, bending light; but it is not a black hole. Although it recedes from our galaxy at tremendous speed devouring other galaxies, at the same time there is measurable UV energy suggesting it is approaching. This directional oddity has lead modern Western astrologer to assign aspects to it with a polarizing affect. Thus its influence over today’s lunar eclipse may super charge its captivating and repelling energies.

In Vedic astrology this area of the sky is associated with Jyeshtha, a nakshatra found in the last 13 degrees of Scorpio. Jyeshtha consists of three stars in a row that were viewed by ancient seers as forming the shape of a row of offerings, or a talisman, or an umbrella. All of these representing the stars’ ability to provide protection against negative forces. Leading up to this eclipse, we have seen its symbol of the umbrella manifest in the front line of protests as a tactic to protect protestors from tear gas released by police.

While Jyeshtha promotes the use of magic, prayer and intuition to solve problems, it is also ruled by Indra, the king of the gods making it a nakshatra of warriors and leadership as well. This legendary king saved the world from a water hoarding dragon, but he also got into trouble with impulsive acts like stealing cows, excessive drinking, gambling, and womanizing. He was a complex figure like the current US President, who BTW was born during a Rahu lunar eclipse in Jyeshtha. Eclipses here can challenge leaders to take the high road and lunar eclipses amplify the public’s reaction to them and their actions.

Each nakshatra has its own special shakti power, and Jyeshtha’s is (arohana shakti), the power to rise and conquer and gain courage in battle. It promotes concern for social welfare and seeks to free those who are oppressed.

Today’s eclipse is partial because the south node Ketu is in the next sign at 5 degrees Sagittarius in the nakshatra of Mula, the root star which marks the center of our galaxy, from where all life originates. Mula’s special power is to break things apart and get to the root of the truth. This eclipse is a trigger that will break things apart to get to the bottom of things. The midpoint between the Moon and Ketu is at 28-29 degrees Scorpio, the final degrees of Jyeshtha and a sensitive part of the night sky said to be where gods and demons battle. Jyeshtha gives the opportunity to confront the dark realms of the shadow, but it requires cooperation and the right use of elemental forces to succeed.

Most astrologers agree that eclipses are not an auspicious time for any activity except meditation, mantra, and prayers, which may be 1,000 to a million times stronger under these special conditions. It is my intention to connect with the community to share prayers and intentions to bring healing light over shadow forces.

Our practice will be amplified through sound and the nodes influence over the collective field. The crystal singing bowls have a special resonance with the human body because our cells and DNA are made of similar crystalline structures. And the crystal bowls also resonate with digital media as they are made of the same silicon quartz as computer chips. While you may not always be able to hear their subtle vibrations, know that they are being transmitted.

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